What Flat Fee MLS Listing Forms will you be filling out?

Listing Agreement
- This form verifys the owners of the property and what commission you are willing to pay a selling agent. You still retain the right to sell by owner and pay no commission. You only pay a commission to the selling agent (which is the buyer's agent). You do not pay a commission to the listing agent (us).

Seller's Disclosure - This discloses the condition of your property. Be honest on the is one. If there is a defect in the home - you need to disclose.

Lead Based Paint - Discloses any knowledge of lead based paint if home was built before 1978.

Residential Property Data Input or Residential Profile Sheet (all MLS's) - These sheets give us the information we need to input your property into the MLS.

Limited Service Representative (REIN only) - Discloses the relationship we have with you as a listing agent. This is limited service or full service depending on the program you choose.

AICUZ (REIN Only) - describes if the property is in a Noise Zone and/or Accident Potential Zone due to locality of Military Air Installation.