You are selling For Sale By Owner and a Buyer wants to buy your home.  Now What?                 Order Now

You have a Realtor that just presents you with an offer.  Now What?

The Assistance Option program, it is meant to help individuals who have opted to buy or sell a home with or without the service of a Realtor. This program provides paperwork to closing assistance and assistance in reviewing offers that come in with a Realtor during business hours. We then help with the countering/negotiations/etc. The cost is a one-time fee of $475 for current clients listed with us or $675 for non-clients.

If the Buyer is with an agent 
We will review all offers that you receive until you are ratified (under contract).
We assist you in coming up with a counter you can send to the buyer's agent. 
Agents like to take advantage of sellers that are FSBO. They know you are emotionally attached to your home and they know you are not familiar with all the terminology.  You DO NOT need to fill out the assistance option paperwork if an agent is involved.

If Buyer is without an agent 
We will provide the paperwork for the seller and buyer 
We will assist in the preparation of the paperwork based on the terms seller and purchaser agree. 
We will then go over the paperwork with seller and buyer.  
Once there is a ratified contract, we will then do all of the below.

To Summarize -
What is included with the "Whole Enchilada" and the "Full Service" Package?

  • Assist you in all areas of the home selling process.For Sale By Owner Contract Assistance
  • Unlimited *Business Hour Support throughout the process for contract questions.
  • Coordinate completion of appropriate paperwork. (As agreed upon by you and the buyer).
  • Assist in meeting the requirements of the Purchase Agreement, as to inspections, reports, etc.
  • Assist with suggestions for the counter offer to the Buyers' agent.
  • We can send the counter to the Buyer's agent
  • We will assist in the negotions with the Buyer's agent.
  • Facilitate communication between buyer and seller to help prevent disputes from arising.
  • Assist in expediting the loan process in order to obtain loan, or loan assumption, approval (if same be required as set forth in the Purchase Agreement).
  • Assist in meeting the requirements of the closing agent in connection with the closing of Seller and Buyer.
  • Review Closing Statement/ALTA (formerly called HUD) before closing (if requested).
  • Guide you through the steps to bring your sale to closing.
What is included with the "Full Service" Package ONLY?
  • We will assist in the preparation of the paperwork based on the terms seller and purchaser agree if buyer is without an agent.

Then: Our Closing Department will do what they do best....                                   For Sale By Owner  and Flat Fee MLS Listing Paperwork to Closing Support VA Virginia

  • Work with the Lender
  • Arrange Payoffs
  • Order Title Search
  • Prepare the Deed

We also offer extremely reduced settlement fees through our referral network of settlement companies.

We charge a flat fee for this service instead of the 3% most agents charge to do the same service!!  We are fully licensed Realtors.

*After Hour Phone Support is available for a nominal fee.                                           

We take the fear and complexities out of selling your home. If your Buyer does not have a Realtor - Click here to get started.

All this enables the Buyer and Seller to a smooth transaction! You have the hard part - you have to PACK!! Good luck!

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