What is the MLS?

The MLS is a listing service that helps real estate agents and brokers reach other real estate agents to find home listings that might be of interest to their buyers.
Our flat fee MLS Virginia service provides you a way to use the MLS service for your Virginia FSBO listing.  VA MLS listings contain a huge amount of information on each home that can be filtered and sorted to narrow down the best homes for buyers to focus on.

The MLS was developed by realtors to be able to facilitate real estate sales between agents and make more properties accessible to show to their buyers.  Today much of the MLSLaptop showing photo of flat fee mls listing virginia home database information is made available to the general public, so an Virginia MLS listing is vital to getting your home seen and found by your potential buyers.

MLS databases are private and paid for by realtors. That’s why you still need the help of a listed agent such as us to get your home listed on the Local Realtor MLS.

The MLS is broken into area MLS databases. VA Realtors and brokers list in their own area MLS databases. Of course, although a home is listed in its appropriate database, it is broadly available to be seen by anyone searching from anywhere, including from out of state.


What MLS system is my Virginia home located in for my VA Flat Fee MLS listing?
What MLS will my home be listed in Virgina, Maryland and DC? 
The comprehensive list below are the MLS areas in Virginia, MD & DC covered by our listing service. 
Pick your Local MLS System:

As you would expect, MLS areas are divided geographically. Which MLS database your home listing would be set up in depends on where you live. These are databases in our area available to you for your FSBO listing:

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