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Virginia For Sale by Owner MLS makes VA FSBO Real Estate Easy.

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Virginia Home For Sale By Owner FSBO Sold using a Flat Fee MLS Listing

Virginia Flat Fee MLS Listings

List your property in the Virginia MLS and for a Low Flat Fee instead of the commission. Save Thousands of Dollars with our Discount Real Estate Brokerage.

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Selling Your Home For Sale By Owner puts Money in Your Hands

2% Home Buyer Rebate Cash Back

Found Your New Home. Looking for a Home Buyer Credit? With our Virginia Buyer Agent Commission Rebate - You Receive up to 2% of our 3% Commission at Closing from our Discount Realtor.

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Thinking about Selling Your Home using a Virginia Flat Fee MLS Listing Company?

picture of house for saleNaturally it takes more than a sign in your yard to sell your Virginia home. But still, you've worked hard to own your own house, and you probably don't want to pay for it to be listed in a way that makes more money for agents than it does for you. Sell your home for a flat fee and keep your hard earned equity.  We put you home in the Virginia Realtor MLS and on Zillow, and thousands of websites the MLS feeds to.

Perhaps like most people you've considered an alternative to a traditional real estate broker but you wonder What is the difference between a Flat Fee MLS Listing versus a Traditional Real Estate Listing.  If you compare the Virginia Flat Fee Mulitple Listing Service to a traditional real estate service, you will see you get the best of both worlds with the Virginia Flat Fee MLS Listing Program.  You have the opportunity to sell as a For Sale By Owner Virginia and pay no commission if the buyer comes to you as a FSBO or if the buyer comes to you with a Realtor, you only pay up to a 3% commission instead of up to a 6% commission. 

You get the same services for one flat fee versus the commission!  If you list your home with a traditional Realtor, even if you find your own buyer while you are listed with that agent, you will still have to pay them a commission.  Many home sellers also wonder what their obligations are selling their home FSBO with our VA Flat Fee MLS Listing program.  How much will a home seller have to pay in Closing Costs when they sell their home?

What Virginia MLS's Areas Do We Cover?

BRIGHT - Northern Virginia, MD, DC and surrounding areas including Ashburn.

REIN - Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads, etc.

WAAR - Williamsburg and surrounding areas

CVR - Richmond area

RV - Roanoke Valley area

HRAR - Harrisonburg and Rockingham

CAAR - Charlottesville area

CBRAR - Chesapeake Bay Rivers Association

ESAR - Eastern Shore (We do not cover ESAR MLS but we can put you in the REIN or BRIGHT MLS)

NRV - New River Valley area

LAR - Lynchburg City

CAR - Ocean City Maryland

How Does the Virginia For Sale By Owner Flat Fee MLS Listing Work?

  • You pick a package depending on the level of service you want. 
  • You set up an account on the web, fill in some basic information, fill out some required MLS docouments and upload some photos.
  • Once you have completed all, it comes to your listing agent and your home will be keyed into the For Sale By Owner site and the Local MLS. 
  • Your listing will just like any other listing in the MLS.  Realtors do not see how much you paid to list the property.
  • A professional Post Sign can be delivered and installed in your yard and picked up with certain packages.
  • You decide if you want a Realtor Lockbox on your door.
  • Your phone and email contact info will be in the agent remarks for Realtors to contact you. 
  • You control when agents and for sale by owner home buyers can see your home. 
  • You decide when and if you want to have open houses which we strongly recommend.
  • All offers are sent direct to you and your listing agent. 
  • If you sell your home to a home buyer without an agent, you do not pay any commission. 
  • If the buyer comes to you with an Realtor, then you pay the commission you agreed to in the MLS Listing Agreement. 

How Fast Can My Home For Sale Be Listed?

Your home can be listed on the For Sale By Owner website and in the Realtor's MLS in 1 - 2 business days.  Same day service is also available if needed.

Why Doesn't Everyone Sell Their Virginia Home For Sale By Owner for a Flat Fee?

This program is not for everyone. For some homesellers, it is not worth their time to save 3% - 6% in a real estate commission but for the majority of Virginia home sellers it is worth their time.  For most sellers, they want to save the commission and are willing to take a few hours to learn how the process works.  Since we do not go to your home, we can only educate our clients with our videos and FAQs. If you read the FAQ's and watch the home selling real estate videos, you will have a good understanding on how the For Sale By Owner and Flat Fee MLS VA Program works and how to get the most money for your home.  You also need to be available to answer calls, emails and texts from agents, buyers and us throughout the process.

Do I have to have a Yard Sign and can I have my own FSBO yard sign?

You cannot have a FSBO Yard Sign.  The Realtor MLS does not allow it.  This is explained in your MLS Listing Agreement.  You can only have the Realtor yard sign. You do not have to have a yard sign but we do recommend one.  You want to stand out with your competition.  A professionally installed post sign can gives buyers piece of mind when they know they are at the right home and drive by buyers will see your home.  Don't worry about the nosy neighbors.  You are moving and that nosy neighbor may have a buyer for you.

Studies have confirmed that Virginia home owners who use a traditional Realtor working for a traditional real estate agency can pay an average of $15,000 - $30,000 more in fees on a $500,000 home*. It's time for you to save that money for your next home purchase. Higher priced homes resulted in even larger seller savings. 

How Do I find the Best Flat Fee Realtor in Virginia?Picture of Virginia's Best Flat Fee Realtor Debbie Crevier-Kent since 2015

  • Look for a Local Flat Fee Listing Company and Realtor that is based in Virginia. 
  • Check Google Reviews on the Realtor and Company.. 
  • Check out the Reviews on the #1 "FlatFeeReviews" website to see how the company ranks.
  • Call and talk to someone in the company.
  • Do they offer you, the seller, different levels of service.
  • Being able to speak to someone is important.  Communication in selling your home is important.
  • Ask how long the company has been in business.
  • There are a lot of companies out there, some good and some bad.  
  • Look for a company that has a Full Service Flat Fee Broker.

illustration of for sale by owner has provided Virginia home sellers For Sale By Owner Real Estate Listings, also known as a FSBO Listing, and Virginia Flat Fee MLS Listings in the Real Estate Multiple Listing Services (MLS).  We have been helping Home Sellings in Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. regions since 1994. Your Realtor, Debbie Crevier-Kent, has been a Top Real Estate Agent since 2015.  Our VA Real Estate Property Listings feature homes for sale, land for sale and even rentals. We also offer Military homes for sale by owner and off base housing. We are your LOCAL Virginia Flat Fee MLS Listing Service Company.  Not only are we LOCAL, we answer our phones. Keep up with the latest Real Estate information on our FSBO Blog.


illustration of for sale by owner signOur customers have saved Millions of dollars. Our Virginia For Sale By Owner program is and always will be the very best way to sell your home fast, and put the most money in your pocket regardless of the market.


*Comparison was based on an average home selling price of $500,000 and took into consideration every scenario involving the Virginia For Sale By Owner home real estate selling process. This is a time-tested process that includes our fully Licensed For Sale By Owner Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Attorneys, the Title Company, Appraisers and Inspection services. Also check out this article on flat fee listing advantages.

Updated June 19, 2023   

Questions and Answers

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You pay a one-time low flat fee for Listing your home on the Local Realtor MLS instead of paying a commission. Instead of a traditional Realtor coming to your home, you invest 2-3 hours of your time filling out required MLS documents and uploading photos to get your home listed in the Local Realtor's MLS. Your listing looks exactly the same as all other listings. Your home will be listed in 1-2 business days.

After you have set up your account and completed all the steps and answered any questions the listing agent may have, your Flat Fee MLS Listing will be keyed into the MLS usually within 1 to 2 business days max. A rush service is available If you need to your home listing to be up and running faster.

This program is not for everyone. It is for the sellers that want to save the commission and are willing to take the time to learn the process by reading our FAQs and watching our educational videos. This will give you a good understanding on the process and how to get the most money for your home.