Why Should You Buy a Home "For Sale By Owner"?

If a seller does not have to pay a Buyer Agent a commission, the seller is able to be far more flexible with the price of their home.
If you find a For Sale By Owner Home you like, our fully licensed staff can prepare the offer for the home seller and buyer to sign electronically and then we are there to guide you both 
from the contract to closing.  Check out our Homes For Sale By Owner that are available to purchase and give them a call if the home is of interest to you.

If you have a question, you call or email or text the home owner direct.  There is no middleman to slow down the process.

3. THE HOME SELLING PROCESS IS SIMPLIFIED!  With the help of our company and our licensed staff, buying from a For Sale By Owner Home Seller is easy. 
For a Flat Fee - we take care of the paperwork and work with the seller and buyer from the time the contract is ratified up until closing day.
We are there to guide you through the whole process and save you the commission.

Homes For Sale By Owner & Flat Fee MLS Programs Contract ProgramOnce you and the homeowner agree to the price of the home, you can simply turn everything over to us.  For Sale By Owner Services will take it from there. 
The Assistance Option Program is the paperwork to closing program. Once the offer is prepared, we then send it to the Seller and Buyer to sign electronically.
Then the lender and Settlement Company will get involved. This is the same thing that happens when you use a real estate agent except this time, there are no commissions involved! 
From there - we work with the lender and title company making sure all the terms of the contract are met.

Can't find a FSBO home to buy, ask or read about our Buyer Rebate Program on homes that are listed in the MLS. 
We Give YOU - the Buyer - Cash Back if you buy your next home using one of our agents. 
This program is offered through our Virginia, Maryland and DC Agents.

FSBO Buyer Rebate Cash Back Program


Now that you know the why, how does FSBO flat fee broker work?