Other web-sites you will find on the internet are referral companies, meaning they take your money Properties For Sale By Owner FSBO Sell Quickand refer you to a broker/agent. You have no idea if there is going to be hidden fees until you talk with that broker.

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How do you know if you are dealing with a referral company? Just simply ask if you are speaking with the broker that will be listing your home.
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Why Should You Sell "For Sale By Owner?

When selling by owner, you don't have to leave the house because an agent wants to show it, or clean it every morning before leaving "just in case". You know when people are coming, and can prepare accordingly.
When a buyer makes an offer, there's not all that frustrating back-and-forth telephone tag between agents to reach an agreement. It can be done in minutes and end with a friendly handshake and smile between owner & buyer.

You know your home best. The schools, the neighborhood, what is special about the area and the house, as well as other details about the property. A well-maintained, fairly priced home virtually sells itself; your role is simply to provide additional information.

Nobody is going to tell you what to do. You can advertise where and how you want to (not sit by in frustration because "they're not doing enough"), schedule showings when it's convenient for you, talk directly with prospective buyers yourself,
even take your house off the market for awhile if you can't find the right house for you. You aren't obligated to a 3,6, or 12 month contract... you make your own rules.

Calculate 6-7% of what you think your property is worth, then ask yourself: is it worth paying this much to have someone else show Selling Your Home For Sale By Owner puts Money in Your Handsmy property, act as a go-between to negotiate the sale and coordinate closing schedules with the lender and lawyer? Unless you have money to throw away, chances are the answer is NO.

If you list your home with a real estate agent, you'll probably inflate the asking price to cover the cost of the commission. Two to four months later you'll come to the painful realization that no one is going to buy your home at that price, and you'll end up reducing the price (or accepting an offer) equal to the original amount you would have asked if selling by owner. Do it right the first time, and avoid taking the loss.

Because you meet the prospective buyers, you have a much better idea how interested people are, what they like about the home, how serious they are about buying and what their timeframe and situation is.
The direct feedback is easier to live with than wondering how things are going, or worse, why no one has made an offer yet.

"If you can sell your own car, you can sell your own home... it's that simple" said one of our home sellers. And he's right, once you find a buyer, For Sale By Owner Services and their staff, their network of lenders and network of settlement companies take over. Our webinars, books, and success kits show you what to expect and For Sale By Owner Services is your best advertising resource. And if you want someone to guide you and the buyer through the process, then maybe our Assistance Option is just what you need.

  1. Money
  2. Security
  3. Knowledge
  4. Time

A reporter with Good Morning America decided to do a story on the merits of selling a home as a "for sale by owner". The merits this reporter provided were pretty much the same as those mentioned above. There was nothing really earth-shaking about the story to those of us in the business of promoting the FSBO concept except one little statement. That statement was that real estate agents as a profession make more money on an hourly basis, for the time worked, than any other profession. That was earth shaking. Think about surgeons, attorneys and bankers? All those professions are considered to be high-income jobs, many of which require many years of specialized education, and yet all are subordinate in income to the real estate agent on an hourly basis.

The source of this income is part of the equity that sellers have accumulated in their homes when a home is sold using a real estate agent. Real estate commissions are generally deducted from the seller's proceeds at the closing.
The seller retains those dollars if they are a FSBO. Keep the numbers simple when determining whether are not you want to be a FSBO or sell with a real estate agent.

The following is an example of a $450,000 home selling as a fsbo and selling with a real estate agent with a contracted 6% real estate commission.
Selling with FSBO
Selling with an agent
Gross Sale Price - $450,000 $450,000
Average Advertising Cost - $1,350 None
Commission - None $27,000 (.06 x $450,000)
Net Proceeds to Seller $448,650 $423,000

In this transaction, the seller paid the agent $27,000 to sell the home, and that's assuming the seller spent $1350 in advertising which is substantially more money than most sellers spend advertising/listing their home. 

 Another way to look at it:  if someone buys a home and pays $450,000 for it, it would take that homeowner over 7 years of monthly payments on the principal on a 30 year mortgage at 8% to equal the $27,000 in real estate commissions.
That's 7 years of your principal payments that the real estate agent received at the closing table. Finally, remember the earlier comment on hourly earnings of a real estate agent?
If the agent had spent 20 hours dealing with this home from listing contract through closing, the hourly rate of the agent would be $1,350.

It is your home - It is your money!!
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