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LOCKBOXES  --  Order Now
A For Sale By Owner MRIS Sentrilock Lockbox and WAAR LockboxLockbox is one of the most important factors when selling your home in the MLS.  If you do not put a lockbox on your door – understand you are eliminating about 50% of agents.  When a buyer comes into an agent’s office – most times – they are ready to hit the road and start looking.  An agent does not want to wait for you to get home so they can show your home.  They want to show it when the buyer is ready & they are in your area. The fewer obstacles you put up when selling your home, the faster your home will sell.  Make it convenient for an agent to show your home & sell your home. Seller must return Lockbox prior to Ad/MLS expiration, cancellation or close date.  If seller requests us to pick up lockbox/signs, seller forfeits deposits. In addition to the Realtor Lockboxes, Combo Lockboxes are also available - you can give out combo to control when someone is entering your home. more info  

WHAT ARE THE PROS AND CONS OF EACH OF THE LOCKBOXES? You have your choice between two lockboxes - the Realtor lockbox or a combo box. Flat Fee MLS Listing Supra REIN and CVR LockboxThe realtor lockbox CANNOT be taken off the door by you - only by an agent - which sometimes is a hassle if the property is sold by owner. If sold by owner, you will need to remove the doorknob and send it back to us so we can remove the lockbox (which some folks don't care since they saved 3% and a new doorknob costs about $50). This realtor lockbox is preferred by realtors since they don’t have to look up combos and it keeps track of who has been in your home.

The second choice is a combo box that can be removed by you so you can send it back when your listing is sold. Let me know your preference. Please remember though - if we Flat Fee MLS Listing Homes For Sale By Owner Combo Lockbox Virginia VA FSBOadvertise that there is a lockbox on the door and an agent shows up and it is not there - they can turn us in. We then get fined and therefore forward the fine to you. So whichever lockbox you select - remember it must stay on the door unless you notify us you are removing it and sending it back to us.

Some folks want agents to call before going to see the home (not just show up and walk in). This is another advantage of the combo lockbox. You, the seller, give out the combo to the agent (this gives you control of when agents show up). They will only know the combo if they speak with you. If the property is vacant or you don't care when agents show up - we can put the combo in the agent remarks so only agents see the combo.   (CVR Richmond, WAAR Williamsburg,  MLS does NOT allow combo boxes).

IMPORTANT - READ - Because this is For Sale By Owner and because we do not come to the home to remove the lockbox for you – we offer the below suggestion. 
We always recommend to clients to get a bike chain and lock it around a fence or rail and slide the lockbox on to that – so if there is an issue with the box (batteries die, box malfunctions or when you have sold) – you can easily get the box off the chain to return to us.. 
This prevents the problem of you having to unscrew the doorknob to get the box off to return to us.

HOME WARRANTY  --  Order Now  
Most sellers offer a home warranty and we strongly recommend it.  It covers the Heating, AC, Plumbing, Appliances and Electrical for the buyer for one year. If something breaks down - the home warranty company will repair or replace whatever is necessary and the buyer just pays a small deductable. Cover the items in your home so the buyer can't come after you after closing. This is the piece of mind plan. more info  

2 10 FSBO Home Warranty      HMS For Sale By Owner Home Warranty     Old Republic Home Warranty for For Sale By Owner Home Sellers     AHS Home Warranty for FSBO and Flat Fee MLS Listings 

Display the max # of pictures your MLS allows on the MLS and most websites.  Remember, a picture says a thousand words so more is better.  A buyer will look through all your pictures to see if they really like your home.  If they don’t see pictures on the website of your home, they will assume something is wrong with it and that is why there are so few pictures.  Most of our clients do about 20-25 pictures – some do the max the MLS allows. Don’t waste your valuable time showing your home to people that don’t even like the inside.  Let them see it online.  If they come to take a look after they have previewed all your pictures – you know they are truly interested in possibly purchasing your home.  We strongly recommend the Showcase Upgrade.     


Comps and CMAS and Contract Support - FSBO Paperwork to Closing SupportCMA/COMPS  --  Order Now
All too often, sellers will spend money marketing their home – but don’t take the time to figure out the correct price for their home for sale.  For a small fee – we will run comps (CMA – comparable market analysis) for you so you can see what is active in your neighborhood (your competition), in addition to homes that are under contract, sold, expired and withdrawn.  Obviously the expired properties and withdrawn properties for sale didn’t work.  You want to pay close attention to the properties that have sold and are under contract (especially the ones similar to your property for sale).   more info    

Basic Yard Signs, Frame Yard Signs and Professionally Installed Post Yards Signs are available as well as directionals at certain pick up locations or may be delivered in certain areas.
Our sign panels are 18" x 24" and is designed to fit the frame that you can purchase at Home Depot.
You may have already purchased one as a For Sale By Owner sign and if this is the case all you will need to do is swap out the panels.
If you do not have one you will need to purchase one.
We also have post yard signs and frame yard signs for rent - dependent on your area.
You can also rent the INFO TUBE or BROCHURE BOX.
FSBO signs are not allowed when listed in the REIN Virginia Beach, CVR Richmond, WAAR Williamsburg, LAR Lynchburg, RV Roanoke, NRV New River Valley, SWVAR MLS – per MLS Rules not ours. 
Signs must be returned prior to Ad/MLS expiration, cancellation or close date. Give the buyer peace of mind knowing that you are using a professional Company.   more info       

Professionally Installed Post Yard Sign for Home Sellers FSBO VA Virginia  For Sale By Owner Post Sign for Flat Fee MLS Listings FSBO VA Virginia Frame Sign for Flat Fee MLS Listed Homes For Sale FSBO VA Virginia   For Sale By Owner Home Sales Frame Sign for FSBO Listings Virginia VA  Flat Fee Listing Basic Push In Ground Sign For Sale By Owner Homes FSBO VA Virginia  For Sale By Owner Brochure Box for FSBO Flyers for Flat Fee MLS Listings VA Virginia    FSBO Brochure Tube for For Sale By Owner Home for Sale Flyers for Flat Fee MLS Listings VA Virginia    Homes For Sale By Owner Brochure Box FSBO Flyers Virginia VA for Flat Fee MLS Listings      


CoContract to Closing Support for our For Sale By Owner Home Sellers Virginia VAmpare to other companies that charge $2500 for the same service. We will help you through the difficulty of understanding complexities of offers presented to you. We will assist you with the details of your real estate transaction and advise whether to accept, reject, or counter offer sales contracts presented to you by selling agents. We will also guide you through the home inspection process, buyer's qualifications and the settlement details. Remember this is the largest purchase of the purchaser’s life and the purchaser is not going to want you to write their contract, etc.  Don’t scare them away – tell them you have professionals ready to help.  more info      

This is an add-on to the Assistance Option Business Hour Support - As part of FSBO's commitment to our customers, we are offering this extended unlimited support plan to our customers as an option when our retail offices are closed.   You will be given direct access to the private cell phone number of your personal consultant.    

BROCHURES/FLYERS -- Order Now                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Professional Brochure for Flat Fee MLS Listings FSBO For Sale By Owner Home Sellers
Professional, fast foto Home For Sale Flyers/Brochures designed with color photos of your for sale by owner home and details of your homes special features. They make
a great handout or mailing to potential buyers and act as your 24-hour FSBO salesperson! (perfect for the brochure tube/box for drive bys). We will provide you with a button
to click on so you may print unlimited flyers as you need them. More Info.


FSBO Home Selling Book - How To Sell For Sale By OwnerHOME SELLING BOOK  --  Order Now
This comprehensive guide to selling a home will tell you all you need to know to successfully sell your home - without sharing the profits with a broker.    more info        

St. Joseph Home Selling Statue - How To Sell For Sale By Owner

ST. JOSEPH  --   Order Now
The St. Joseph Kit comes complete with a 3½" plastic figurine, a special prayer to read while burying the statue and a set of instructions.  more info