Sentrilock Realtor Lockbox, Supra Lockbox and Combo Lockbox Rentals VA             

Combo Lockboxes can be rented for some MLS systems** - Realtor Lockboxes are only offered for certain MLS systems. 
**Richmond, Williamsburg, Lynchburg, Roanoke, New River Valley & SWVAR MLS systems will not permit combo boxes for agent access.

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Realtor Lockboxes - Look like a professional when selling your home.  Your home should look like all other listed properties. Lockboxes make it convenient for agents to show your property.  The more convenient it is to show your home - the faster your home should sell.                                           
The refundable deposit is refunded when home seller returns lockbox in Clean, Unmarked and Reusable Condition. Failure to return lockbox means seller will forfeit ALL deposits.
All Lockboxes listed above are available for rental through 
For Sale By Owners Services.
Lockboxes Rental Fee Refundable Deposit
Realtor Lockbox $65.00 $100.00
Combo Lockbox $50.00 $100.00
Lockbox Shipping $12.75 $12.75

Realtor Lockboxes are strongly strongly recommended for homes listed for sale in the Realtor Multiple Listing. Some Realtors call last minute and you can not always be there.  If an agent is pulling listings to show a buyer and it says NO Lockbox - many won't bother - it is too much of a hassle to track down the seller and try to coordinate showing it. Plus they don't want you there when they are showing the home. It is best to give them some space. This box will keep track of who has been in your home and give Realtors Access when they need it.

For Some MLS systems, you have the option of the Realtor lockbox or a combo box.

The Realtor Lockbox CAN ONLY BE REMOVED FROM THE DOOR by an agent - which sometimes is a hassle if the property is sold by owner (see below - "IMPORTANT - READ below").  
The buyer agent can take it off the door during walk-through (if your home is sold by an agent) - Just 
e-mail  us a few days prior for the code they will need to use with their realtor key to remove it for you.
This realtor lockbox is preferred by realtors since they don’t have to look up combos and it keeps track of who has been in your home.

Because you are selling your home For Sale By Owner with our Flat Fee Program, we do not come to the home to remove the lockbox for you so we offer the below suggestion. 

Since only a Realtor can remove the lockbox, we suggest you buy a bike chain and slide the lockbox on the bike chain and the lock it around a fence or rail.  This prevents any issue with you returning the lockbox back to us if there is an issue with the box (batteries die, box malfunctions or when you have sold).  Only other option would be you having to unscrew the doorknob to get the box off to return to us. We do not return doorknobs or keys. DO NOT PUT BOX WHERE IT WILL GET WET or SIT IN WATER

The second choice is a Combo Box that can be removed by you so you can send it back when your listing is sold. Some sellers want agents to call before going to see the home (not just show up and walk in). This is another advantage of the combo lockbox. You, the seller, give out the combo to the agent (this gives you control of when agents show up). They will only know the combo if they speak with you. If the property is vacant or you don't care when agents show up - we can put the combo in the agent remarks so only agents see the combo. Richmond, Williamsburg, Lynchburg, Roanoke, New River Valley, SWVAR MLS systems do not allow combo lockboxes.
Let us know your preference. Please remember though - if we advertise that there is a lockbox on the door and an agent shows up and it is not there - they can turn us in. We then get fined and therefore forward the fine to you. So whichever lockbox you select - remember it must stay on the door unless you notify us you are removing it and sending it back to us.  Be sure to let us know where the lockbox is so we can note it in the listing

We can note in the agent remarks of the seller's MLS Listing that seller must be called and an appointment set up prior to viewing the home.  Not all agents read the listing.  We can also suggest placing a postcard on your front door near the lockbox stating the agent must have an appt and to not enter your home without one.  If you purchase CSS - it requires the agent to call them before showing your home (CSS also eliminates the solications from agents wanting your listing, termite and moving companies, etc.  (Check it out on our order page).

A deposit is required on all lockboxes and signs. The deposit is refunded when homeseller returns lockbox in Clean, Reusable Condition. All deposits are forfeited if seller fails to return lockbox and signs prior to closing.
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