"Full Service" Flat Fee Real Estate Listing Package

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Our most popular offering by far is our highly affordable and complete “Full Service” Flat Fee Listing Service. Get the most for your investment and reduce how much work you need to do to sell your home while still getting the benefits of For Sale By Owner. Here’s how the “Full Service” Package works.

The “Full Service” FSBO flat fee real estate listing package includes everything in "The Whole Enchilada" Package. This means you get all the benefits of MLS listings in Virginia, Maryland or DC areas, including on Zillow, Trulia, etc. and your own FSBO webpage, professional flyers, lockbox, buyer leads forwarded directly to you and all the other features listed in the Whole Enchilada service package, PLUS:

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Upon Listing Your Home with our Flat Fee Listing Service under the “Full Service” package - you will receive:

#1 - Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) emailed to you, to help you price your home for sale. Upon request

#2 - Recommendations on what you should and should not include in your listing. Upon request

#3 - Suggestions from what others have found successful in their FSBO marketing campaign. Upon request

#4 - You may call us anytime while your home is listed. We will be happy to review your situation and make recommendations for your marketing plan to keep you on track.

#5 - An estimate your closing costs you will likely see upon sale of your home. Upon request

Upon Receiving an Offer on Your Home:

#1A - If the Offer is a FSBO offer - we will prepare the paperwork with the terms you have already agreed upon.

#1B - If the Offer is from a Realtor - we will go over the offer in great detail with you, page by page.

#2 - We discuss (pros, cons & different options) and help prepare your counter offer, which we will send to the agent or buyer.

#3 - The negotiating-discussion process continues until an agreement is reached.

#4 - Once an agreement is reached, we will go over the sales contract with you, making sure everything is correct and walk you through the signing process. Upon request

#5 - Once everyone signs the purchase offer, you have a ratified contract.

#6 - We also assist you in negotiating home inspection repairs, termite, radon and mold inspections, etc. Upon request

#7 - We provide a preliminary ALTA/Closing Statement (formerly called HUD-1). The ALTA will give you a good idea how much you will net at closing.

#8 - We work with the closing company and lender to assist in what they need to get you to closing.

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We have been assisting FSBO Sellers and Buyers since 1994. This is our only business and we know it well. We feel very confident you will be satisfied with our advice and service.

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