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Seller Login

Find my password - I forgot my Password 
Click on word "LOGIN" top right of home page ( - hit "forgot your password".
Check your spam 
(more than likely that is where it is).

Change My Price
Log into your account and click on STEP 2 "Property Details" and then find the price field.

Video Tutorial  Make Changes
  In your account under STEP 2 "Property Details" - if what you want to change is NOT in "Property Details" then in yourWhat is in My Flat Fee MLS Listing Account on
  account just below "Step 6" is the
 "MLS Change Form" - we do not accept any change via email.                               

 MLS Listing Change Form 
This form is to be used for any changes not located in STEP 2 "Property Details" field.
See below for "Commission Changes".  If you do not have "Unlimited Changes" - a small fee is charged.

Change the Commission Tutorial Change the Commission
 Log into your account and click on STEP 2  "Property Details" and then find the commission field.
 Commission changes must be made in BOTH "Step 2 - Property Details" section and on the 
 "MLS Change Form  - "If you do not have "Unlimited Changes" - a small fee is charged.

Tell how many Characters are in my Narrative and how many I am allowed
Click on property details and scroll down to MLS Narrative.
It tells you in RED – to “click here for MAX # of characters and spaces YOUR MLS allows in narrative”
Now look at how many characters it shows that you have in your narrative (just below the RED character count link).

Upload and Arrange my Photos   
Upload and Arrange my pictures for the MLS Listing and the Flyer  - Click Here
    You do not need to do the change form for photo changes but you DO need to email us to tell us you have made photo changes.

Uploading and Arranging My Photos
    How Many Pictures Can I Have?  See FAQ's   

Shopping Cart for Additional Items on
Order Additional Items 

Click on "Order Additional Items" also located just below Step 6 in your account on our website

For Sale By Owner Open House with my Flat Fee Listing
Order and Set Up Open Houses 
Log into your account on our website and click on "Open Houses" and pay and place dates and times - located just below the Step 6.

Open house setup for my flat fee mls listing real estate for sale Professionally Installed Yard SignOrder my sign/lockbox
Click on "Order Additional Items" also found in your account just below Step 6.

Arrange for Picking Up or Mailing My Sign/Lockbox Order
Click here for "Sign/Lockbox Pick Up/Mail/Install Request" or you can find this in your account on our website - Step 6.
24 Business Hours notice is required.

Set up my Sign/Lockbox Return
Click here for "Sign/Lockbox Return Request" or you can find this in your account on our website below Step 6.
24 Business Hours notice is required. 
flat fee mls listing flyer and fsbo for sale by owner flyer header and footer

Flyer on GoToFSBO.comPreview my flyer 
Log into your account on and click on 5th button below step 6.  
If the flyer is not fitting on one page, shorten your FSBO Narrative in the "Property Details"
section of your account.  Do not have more than 1 Vertical Photo on the flyer.

Turn off footnotes on my flyer
Open your flyer, click on print, go to page set up and click on the tab that says Margins and Headers.  
Make sure they all say blank.    

how to place your home under contract on

How to Place Your Home Under Contract or Sold? 
Flat Fee MLS Listings For Sale By Owner Home Sale Listing Under Contract

Once you have a ratified contract (signed by all parties) and have found a title company (or if you are using the buyer’s company,
contact them and get the representative’s name and contact info – then:

Log into your account on and click on Under Contract” located below Step 6  
We need the info for the title company and/or attorney who is handling YOUR side of the closing – NOT the buyer’s closing company info
We need all the fields filled in.

You are also required per the MLS Agreement to email us the ratified contract within 12 hours of signing.
You are also required per the MLS Agreement to email us the final signed HUD (now called Closing Statement)
within 12 hours of signing to close out your Listing Agreement.

How Do I Cancel My Listing on

How Do I Cancel my listing? 

You need to FIRST fill out the Sign/Lockbox Return Form located 
in your account on under Step 6.
Once all items are returned, we will then send you a withdrawal form.
If you don't have any signs or lockbox, send us an email stating that
you do not have any signs or lockbox and wish to pull. 

What are my closing costs as a For Sale By Owner in Virginia?
How do I know what my (seller) closing costs will be approximately?
Click Here

Commission with Flat Fee MLS Listing on