How to sell a home, in any market!

One of the first questions people ask me before listing a home, "Are homes selling in this market?"
The answer is "yes" but there are 3 things you need to know.

The 3 keys to selling your home are:

#1 - Pricing it right - by far the biggest mistake people make in selling their home is overpricing it and not doing price reductions, often enough. However, people's motivations are different when selling a home. Some people need to selling quickly, while others put their home on the market and if they can get the "price they want" then they will sell. You need to know your motivation first, because people who need to sell quickly, need to make price adjustments more quickly and or start out with a more aggressive price than a non-motivated seller. When I consult with clients on selling their home, I get into this in more detail, after doing a market analysis and help devise a strategy with our clients.

#2 - Home staging - another mistake made by a lot of clients is, not getting their home ready to sell and making the proper presentation. Homes that are staged well and priced right, are the homes that sell first and get top dollar. There are a lot of things people can do, with little or no money, to help sell their home and believe it or not, most people do not present their home in the best possible manor - this is good because they are your competition! Be sure to send us nice, recently taken photos of your home - send the max allowed. Remember your home is not the only home on the market and people like to buy homes that are move in ready.

#3 - Do not list with a 6% agent - the MLS is the MLS, there is only one in your area. A good listing agent is an agent that explains the 2 items above to their clients, understands contracts, has done a lot of deals to understand the pit falls, other than these 3 things, there really is nothing else a listing agent can do. So, why would you pay 6% to get these services, when you can get the same service at a fraction of the cost. Going back to number #1 (pricing it right), if you can get the same service at a lower cost this enables you to lower your price and net the same money when your home sells. Research has shown that listing your home on the MLS for a lower fee, is better than listing your home on the MLS for a higher fee.

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