QR Barcode brings buyers right to your lising.

A QR Code (stands for "Quick Response") is a mobile phone readable barcode that will be added to your flyer. 
All a buyer has to do is scan the barcode on your flyer (or anything) and it will bring them directly to your website listing.
They can immediately retrieve your contact information as well as all your home details. 
The easier it is for a potential buyer to view your listing and be able to contact you directly, the quicker you will sell your home. 
This system will benefit both you and the buyer.  Simply cick here to order the “QR Code.  It’s Easy, Fast and Effective! 
No Complicated, Overwhelming, Scary Technology – just Simplicity at its best working with you to make selling your home a smoother process.
Everyone knows Exposure is one of the key elements to selling a home and Timing is crucial. 
The more traffic you have visiting your website and coming through your front door, the more you increase your chances of finding your home’s next owner.  It’s Simple Math!  

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