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  • Showcase your home by putting the MAX number of photos in your local MLS for your area.
  • The MAX number of photos the MLS system allows varies with each Realtor MLS system. (# of pictures varies depending on Max number of pictures your MLS allows).
  • A picture says a 1000 words - Buyers do not want to read - they want to see all of your home.
  • MOST OF ALL:  Buyers want pictures - think of yourself as the buyer.  Are you going to drive all the way to see a property that only has a few pictures on the websites?  
  • Most Home Buyers think there is something wrong with the home if the Seller is not showing pictures of all rooms and outside.
  • Did you know, you can also promote your open houses - they too will be posted on high traffic websites where most buyers search for open houses. Simply set up in your account on our website.
‚ÄčThe Showcase upgrade also ensures your home has priority billing when someone does a home search. The homes with multiple photos always come up first!
We are true believers of home sellers walking away with the maximum amount of money in your pocket from the sale of your home and not wanting to spend more than is necessary to accomplish that goal.
Help alleviate the guesswork for your potential buyers. When a home has so much to offer, let the pictures speak volumes.
The narrative is a nice summary, but a picture truly does speak a thousand words. Just something to think about. We’re here to help you be successful in selling your home as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Experience has helped formulate the nuggets of advice FSBO'S offer in order to help their customers not only be successful in selling their home, but also to help make it a less stressful event. 

I personally bought a home recently and I spent my weeknights and weekends on zillow and truilia and if there weren’t good photos of the inside of the homes then they went to the bottom of the list.
Time was too precious to waste and without having photos to give me a good idea as to whether the home would meet my needs.
I had to narrow my selection process to the ones that provided me with the best overall picture of what the home had to offer.

Encourage your clients to post as many pictures as possible.