NEVER just drop off your items at this location – you must have an appointment.  Thanks for understanding.

We will leave the your requested items by the mailbox on your scheduled Date and Time.  Be sure to show up close to the arranged time as we don’t leave them sitting in front of the house for too long.
Sign Pickups
Frame signs do not come in a box. Use a board on top of sign when hammering so you do not bend the frame – do not hammer direct on sign.
Sign Return Instructions:
PLEASE REMEMBERNever return sign without an APPT or you will forfeit ALL deposits.
Frame Signs must be cleaned (including dirt on legs).
If signs are not cleaned with ALL parts – you forfeit ALL your deposits.
Lockbox Pick Up Instructions (If you ordered one):   
Often we have several pick-ups a day. Please be sure you get the right lockbox – the REALTOR lockbox is BLUE and the COMBO lockbox is BLACK.  
IMPORTANT info on Lockboxes - READ - Because this is For Sale By Owner and because we do not come to the home to remove the lockbox for you – we offer the below suggestion.  DO NOT PUT LOCKBOX WHERE IT WILL SIT IN PUDDLE OR GET WET.  You can push the hook of the lockbox through a bag and then put hook into lockbox so bag drapes over the box to prevent rain from hitting it direct.
We always recommend to clients to get a bike chain and lock it around a fence or rail and slide the lockbox on to that – so if there is an issue with the box (batteries die, box malfunctions or when you have sold) – you can easily get the box off the chain to return to us. This prevents the problem of you having to unscrew the doorknob to get the box off to return to us.  DO NOT PUT WHERE BOX WILL GET WET or SIT IN WATER
Supra and Sentrilock Realtor and Combo Lockboxes Lockbox Hook with Bag Slipped On It Lockbox with Bag over it to Prevent it from Getting Wet.  
Combo box - it is the black box.  Put your key into the box and close.  The combo is 2012 – you may not change the combo as we have them all set up so we can open them all upon return.  Place hook on your door and slide box onto hook to close.  There is a little tab to push inside the lockbox to release the hook.
Realtor box - it is a blue box. Do NOT close it until you put your key into the box as you will not be able to open it – only agents will.  Put hook on the door and then slide the box up onto the hood with keypad facing forward. 
Also REMEMER, You need to e-mail us the Serial Number on the side of the box right after picking it up. 
For Sale By Owner Home Office
3 Palomino Court
Spotsylvania, VA  22551
Northbound – Take -95 to Exit 118 Thornburg Exit. Turn left at end of ramp.  Turn right on Rt. 1 and go a few miles to a Left on Rt. 632 (you will see a right on 632 prior – that is not it).  After you make the left on Rt. 632 – go about 2-3 miles and make a left into Berkshire Sbdvsn (Berkshire Rd). Go 6/10ths mile, turn Right on Appaloosa for 2/10ths mile & then left on Palomino to #3 on Right (third house on right).
Southbound - Take I-95 to Exit 126 Spotsylvania Exit. Right on Rt. 1 South. Go about 4 miles & turn right on Rt. 608 (Massaponax Church Road). Go about 3.3 miles & turn left on Rt. 632 (Hickory Ridge Rd). Go about 8/10ths mile & turn Right into Berkshire Sbdvsn (Berkshire Rd). Go 6/10ths mile, turn Right on Appaloosa for 2/10ths mile & then left on Palomino to #3 on Right (third house on right).
Buying another home here in Virginia - I give up to 1.5% cash back if you use me as your agent.  Call for details.
Here is the link to our Frequently Asked Questions
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