I understand ALL the below:

1. I read and agreed on the order form that once I clicked "Submit Your Order" Button, there are No Refunds to the dollar amount above or any other items I may order, as I understand I am paying for GoToFSBO.com/Cottage Street Realty/Debbie Kent and her staff’s time answering questions via phone/email, setting up my account, etc and understand my FSBO listing goes live after I have completed of Steps 1-3.  After I complete steps 4 and 5, I will go into the MLS.  I can choose to do just my FSBO Listing (steps 1-3) to start or both my FSBO Listing (Steps 1-3) and MLS Listing (Steps 4-5) at the same time.
2. I am not paying a commission to the listing company but I am paying a commission to the agent that brings in a buyer – if I am placing my home in the MLS.
3. If I ordered a sign or lockbox, I will be charged the deposit and tax and shipping. All other tangible items, I will be charged tax. Deposit Refunds take up to 4 weeks.
4. All Listings/Changes are up and running within 1-2 business days (Mon – Thur 9 – 5 pm & Fri 9 - 4 pm).  FSBO is closed Holidays and Weekends.
5. I must set up in my account, the return of ALL Signs/Lockbox rentals PRIOR to Closing, Cancellation or MLS Expiration in IN CLEAN, REUSABLE CONDITION. Cancellation cannot take effect until return of all rented items.
6. Failure to return rented items, you Forfeit All Deposits and will incur additional $150 fee on your credit card. By signing below, you understand and authorize this charge
7. There is a $50 check/credit card decline fee per decline.
8. I am required to send Debbie w/Cottage Street Realty (CSR) / FSBO a full copy of my ratified contract within 12 hrs of ratification per MLS Listing requirement.
9. On Settlement Day, I will provide CSR my Seller Signed Closing Statement (formerly called HUD-1) within 12 hrs of signing per MLS Listing requirement.
10. Failure to provide the contract and closing documents within timeframe, CSR will get fined & I will be responsible for that fine – which is typically $500-$1000.
I authorize the charge of the fines if I fail to provide the Ratified Contract and Closing Statement in the above time frame. I authorize the title company to collect the fee at closing to be paid to FSBO.
11. ZILLOW, Realtor.com and 1000's of other websites auto-feeds from the MLS! If your listing is correct in the MLS but wrong on their site, they MUST fix it & often takes days to correct.  We have NO CONTROL over these sites or the feeds. You have to contact the site directly. There are no refunds if there is an issue with these sites. ZILLOW ONLY LOADS "FOR SALE" LISTINGs - ZILLOW DOES NOT LOAD RENTALS TO THEIR SITE FROM THE MLS ANYMORE. Landlord can manually enter it or you can pay us a small fee to do it for you.
12. Photo Removal - For clients that want photos removed from websites after they sell or for any reason, there is a $150 fee for that service as it is involved and time consuming and NOT a part of the flat fee service.
13. If you do not have “Unlimited Changes” a small fee is charged for all changes including MLS Status Changes (Under Contract, Solds, Withdrawn, Etc.). Price changes are free.  Should my credit card decline, I authorize the title company to collect the fee at closing to be paid to FSBO.Unlimited changes gives you unlimited text changes, unlimited status changes and two complete sets of photo changes. AVAILABLE ONLY AT AD PLACEMENT - (Open Houses are not included in unlimited changes)

[checkbox-start-here]I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions.[checkbox-end-here]