1.  Be Prepared:  Figure out the showing order of the rooms, what the highlights of each room are that you want to talk about and any upgrades you made.  Start off with the important highlights and then go into other details as you walk through the home. Don't forget to show the outside and street view.  Think about what you would want to see if you were going to tour a home.

2. Promote Your Tour Ahead of Time: Figure out what day and time you want to promote your virtual open house.  We can post a photo to get your viewers interested.

3. Highlight the Important Features of Your Home:  Have the fireplace going and ceiling fans on.  Have all the lights on in the home and mini blinds open, have soft music playing (low) in the background and candles going, eat a cookie that is on a plate of cookies (saying wish you could be here) :-)  Think about what a buyer would be most interested in and be sure to highlight that in your tour.  Buyers love kitchens and baths. Spend time on those areas.

4. Invite Questions from the Buyers:  Invite buyers to ask questions in the comments and always answer them as quickly as possible.

5.  Who Are You:  Don't forget to let them know you are the owner and how long you have lived there and what you have enjoyed most.

6.  Relax:  The tour may not be 100% perfect but that is okay.  That is what makes it real.  Pretend when you are talking that you are talking direct to the buyer as if they were in your home.

7.  Remember to Share: Share the Open House or Virtual Tour/Showing on other social media accounts that you may have in addition to all the places we will be posting (ie: MLS, ShowingTime, Our Company Facebook Page, Websites, Blog, Etc).