WAAR:  Williamsburg and Surrounding Areas

Questions and Answers

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Buyers want to see many pictures of your home. They want to see if they like the home before they sit in traffic to see your home. If you don't have pictures of certain rooms, the buyer wonders what is wrong with that room that you are not showing it. It is strongly recommended to showcase your home and make it stand out.

Potential buyers doing their own research want to see as much of the home as possible before investing time and travel. Pictures will help them to determine if the home is a good fit for their family. If the pictures are not there, it is a better use of their time to move onto the listings that provide them with more information.

Most flat fee home sellers take their own pictures. If you prefer, you can hire a company to take your pictures. Once you have good pictures, you can send your listing to be shown in the MLS. Pictures cannot be larger than 2 megabytes each or they will not load onto the site.