Selling Your Home in Williamsburg? We Can Help

Regardless of whether you are leaving town or making a local move within Williamsburg, selling your home can seem like an insurmountable and overwhelming task.

But it doesn't have to be!

picture of williamsburg virginia street Quiet, tree lined streets make Williamsburg a classic piece of Americana

Options Available to Williamsburg Home Sellers


There are many options you have to take the load off of you, one being a standard, full-price real estate broker. We, however, believe that our flat-fee discount MLS program is ideal, as it saves you a lot financially with just a slight amount more work on your end.

Don't pay a listing commission. Just pay for the services you need to list your home in the MLS. This allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of the local multiple listing service. We make getting your property in our system an easy, outlined process.


Let Us Help You Through the Process of Selling Your Property

Our Discount Brokerage can help you sell your home by listing your property on the Williamsburg Virginia MLS using our Flat Fee Listing Program.

Pay one low flat fee to list your home on the MLS and stay in complete control of the process without subjecting yourself to major financial setbacks or wasted energy. After all, the whole process in an investment and investments are about returns.

We'll be sure to assist you in

  • Sorting out the pros and cons of putting your house up on the Williamsburg market
  • Calculating and comparing the costs of the realtor path vs the FSBO route
  • Ascertaining the differences between different real estate brokers
  • Finding out what red flags to look out for when selling your home

Virginia has different regulations one has to adhere to when putting a home on the market, so it's best to know the details behind the FSBO (For Sale by Owner) method. We'll assist you in following the steps properly and assist with all the red tape.

Map of Williamsburg Virginia VA



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Moving to Williamsburg, Virginia? Well, did you know...?

  • Williamsburg forms the "Historic Triangle" together with Jamestown and Yorktown.
  • The heart of Williamsburg is Colonial Williamsburg, which is also the historic district.
  • You can watch actors perform in period costumes. 
  • If you love shopping, there are lots of outlets. 
  • There is also a Williamsburg Pottery Outlet. (That's "Pottery," not "Pottery Barn")
  • Some of the houses, like this one, are 300+ years old!
  • We service all of Williamsburg.  Some of the most popular neighborhoods: Governor's Green, Fords Colony, Governor's Land at Two Rivers, Colonial Park, City Center, Birchwood Park, Oakland Estates, Fairway Villas, Banbury Crosss, Villages At Westminster, Heritage Landing, Shellbank, Shellbank Woods, Chestnut Hills and Jamestown to name just a few.
  • Some popular marina communities include: First Colony which is a non-gated community on the James River, Kingsmill, Queens Lake and Governors Land.