How to Enroll in the Virginia FSBO 2% Home Buyer Cash Rebate Program

The Virginia home buyer rebate cash back program lets you save money on the buyer’s agent commission when you buy your new home.  You, the home buyer, will receive up to 2% of the 3% commission on your new home. No matter what home you buy on an MLS listed home, you get the cash back rebate money back at closing to reduce your closing costs or to use to spruce up your new home! The process is easy.

Calculate Your Commission Rebate

Get a Buyer Rebate at Closing Up To:


Download to Enroll Now!

What is the Process?

Just download and fill out the Buyer Rebate Packet and submit it. If you prefer an Electronic version to fill out, just Email Us.
We’ll have the information we need to pay you the cash rebate.

The packet explains in greater detail how the program works. You will sign up so we can represent you as the buyer’s agent which means we can share our commission with you.

FSBO, For Sale By Owner - Buyer Rebate Cash Back Program How It Works

For more information, review the Buyer Rebate Cash Back program, then complete your enrollment.

Do not hesitate to call if you have questions or concerns about the program or enrollment packet.

What Happens Next?

Next, we need to get you pre-approved to buy your new home. Many agents will not accept an offer on a home without the pre-qualification letter.

We can have you pre-approved for your home loan in minutes. We have several lenders that work with us, or you may use anyone you’d like.
We encourage you to get several home loan quotes to be sure you are getting the best rate.

Looking for a Home

As you search for homes on local web sites, such as, and, e-mail or call us about homes you are interested in.
We can get more specific information on any listing that will help you later on if you make an offer.
We can also set you up with an account that will automatically send you alerts to home listings that meet your criteria so you don’t miss a great home that comes on the market.

Looking at brand new homes? If you stop in at a builder's model home - be sure to tell them you have an agent.
If you register with that builder be sure to also put your agent's name (contact us for that). Ask us for some business cards.

Getting Your Home Buyer Cash Rebate!

Once you have found the home you like, the purchase offer will be sent to you to review and sign.
We will go through the offer with you if you like.

It will then be submitted to the listing agent of the home you wish to purchase.

If the offer is accepted......

You will receive our commission rebate at closing!

You can use the rebate as part of your down payment or to help pay for closing costs!

Sign Up Now for Cash Back on your Home Purchase
Downloadable Buyer Rebate Sign Up Packet