Virginia Buyer Rebate Cash Back Program For Sale By Owner FSBO Buyers
Ready to buy a home that is listed in the Realtor MLS or a Builder home? 
Hire us to represent you with your next home purchase and we will give you up to 1/2 of our 3% Commission!! 
Whether you are a buyer or investor, buying a home listed in the MLS or a Builder or FSBO home that is offering a commission - this program is for you.

How does it work?  It's simple.
If you use one of our in-house agents as your buyer's agent, we will rebate up to HALF of our 3% commission to you at closing!
If the commission is less than 3% - then rebate will be slightly less.

The average commission to a Buyer's agent is 3%.
If you find your dream home on your own, why shouldn't you get paid for the work you have done?


On a purchase price of $300,000, a 3% commission is $9,000.
We will rebate $4500 of that to you at closing. 

We bring years of experience to the table too to get you the best possible price!

You will receive our commission rebate at closing! You can use the rebate as part of your down payment or to help pay for closing costs!

Buyer Rebate Sign Up Process

Buyer Rebate Sign Up Packet 


Why Do I Have to Sign a Buyer Agent Agreement?


Buyer Rebate Cash Back Program How It Works