Showcase listing option beautiful country kitchen interior of home for sale Our Flat Fee FSBO MLS Listing Packages cover the majority of items you’ll need to complete your For Sale By Owner transaction. Of course, all the packages provide you with a universally available MLS listing to make your home visible to your potential buyers. But they also provide you the basic collateral, such as printable flyers and educational resources to see you through the FSBO MLS listing and sales process from start to finish. However, many sellers find they need an occasional additional service or would prefer to let our team do more of the legwork for them. Here are some of the optional services.

Showcase Listing

What is the Showcase Listing?

Some of the FSBO MLS packages come with 1, pic or 8 pics and some include the max number of pics on the MLS. Showcase Listing is only included with a few of the packages. It’s certainly understandable why the majority of the pictures sellers send us are of their favorite rooms. However, people will wonder what’s wrong with the rest of the house if there are no or too few photos of the interior/exterior.

I personally recently bought a home and I spent my weeknights and weekends on and if there weren’t good photos of the inside of the homes then they went to the bottom of the list. I selected only listings that could provide the best overall picture of what the home had to offer. Your prospective buyers will do the same thing.

If your package does not include the Showcase Listing - consider this one upgrade. The Showcase upgrade ensures your home has priority visibility when someone does a search on most websites. The homes with more photos always come up first! You want the maximum amount of exposure when trying to sell your home, especially if time is critical. When a home has as much to offer as yours, let the pictures speak volumes. The narrative is a nice summary, but a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

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Phone Support to Close Assistance Options

FSBO Seller Assistance Option 1

Business Hour Support Plus Paperwork to Closing Services

The Business Hour Support program is perfect for sellers and buyers who don't want to deal with the hassle of paperwork and want assistance throughout the process. The program will assist you in ALL Areas of the Real Estate Process - from placing your ad to completing the paperwork all the way to closing.

Here is just some of the help you’ll get with the Business Hour Support Plus Paperwork Option.
We will:
  We offer closing assistance for only a small fee. Compare our rate to other companies that charge $2,500 for the same service.

The choice is yours - Pay a Realtor 3% or sign up for the FSBO Assistance Option 1 (Business Hour) Program for only a small fee to perform the same service. That means that if you are selling or purchasing a $550,000 home, a real estate agent will charge $16,500 for the same service! Why pay too much?

FSBO Seller Assistance Option 2 (After Hours Add-on)

Business and After Hours Support Plus Paperwork To Closing Services

Same as the Assistance Option Business Hour Support Plus Paperwork to Closing Service however as part of FSBO's commitment to our customers, we are offering this extended unlimited support plan to our customers as an option when our retail offices are closed. A representative will reach out to you during non-business hours to assist with your real estate needs (certain time restrictions apply).

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FSBO MLS Home Pricing Service

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) or Appraisal

Because you save so much on Realtor commissions, you can price your home to sell faster and still come away with more profit. We offer two home pricing services - either a Professional Certified Appraisal or a Comparative Market Analysis.

Remember - your neighbor may have sold for $305,00 but after paying the 6% commission he walked away with $286,700. The max you will pay is a 3% commission - so you can price your home for $299,900 and be far more competitive than your competition and still walk away after paying a 3% commission with $290,903.
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