is the most popular Homes For Sale By Owner 'FSBO' and Flat Fee MLS services Website in Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. since 1994.
Our Real Estate Property Listings feature homes for sale, land and even rentals. We also offer Military homes for sale by owner and off base housing.

Our FSBO model has been bringing buyers and sellers together and saving them thousands using our professional, cost effective and highly visible real estate advertsing service.
For Sale By Owner is and always will be the very best way to sell your home fast, and put the most money in your pocket regardless of the market.

What we offer to you - the Seller (you pick the level of service you desire):  
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  • Professional Online Website Advertising
  • Flat Fee MLS Listings on® (Lockboxes available)
  • Showcase Listings displaying the Max # of MLS pictures allowed
  • Syndication on Top National & International Websites (, Zillow, Trulia, Facebook, Google, Homes, etc)
  • Our Popular Real Estate Post, Frame and Basic Signs
  • Professionally Delivered, Installed and Pick up of Post Signs
  • Professional Flyer for your home with QR Code
  • Showing Service
  • Syndication on 1000's of Websites Nationwide
  • Comparative Market Analysis (Comps) & Appraisals
  • Complete Contract to Closing Assistance (Assistance Option Program)
  • Educational For Sale By Owner Home Selling Webinars
  • Licensed Real Estate Professionals and Financing Specialists
​Who is your Listing Agent?  
Meet Debbie Crevier-Kent who has dedicated her career saving home sellers $1000's of dollars (Buyers save $1000's too - check out our buyer rebate program).

Debbie Crevier-Kent

When you use For Sale By Owner's Home for Sale Services, you're not on your own. In fact, you'll have access to just as many professionals as you would if you used a traditional real estate broker. But with For Sale By Owner Services, you get to choose what you want - and pay only for the services you need from Flat Fee MLS Listings to HIGH TRAFFIC FSBO Internet website listings. If makes a powerful difference - both in speed of sale and cost savings to you. In addition to the friendly Customer Service Representatives, we have Licensed Professionals to guide you - consisting of Licensed Agents serving VA, MD and DC, Mortgage Consultants, Licensed Appraisers, Home Inspectors, Termite Inspectors and Discounted Pricing through our referral network of recommended settlement companies. More Info

PACKAGE PROGRAMS Listing Packages vary depending on the level of service you need from Straight FSBO Packages to Flat Fee MLS Packages, to our Most Popular "Whole Enchilada" Full Support Packages with all the upgrades. We can also customize a-la-carte plans to suit your needs. Take a look at the below packages to see what is the best plan for you. Give us a call with any questions you may have.  For ad rates Click Here.

Retain the right to sell your house "By Owner" AND give your Home for Sale the exposure of the MLS at the same time! You'll never pay 6-7% commission again! If a buyer finds you without the help of a Realtor, you pay no commission!! If a Realtor sells your home, you pay a 3% commission. Lockbox and/or signs are included with some packages or are available for a small fee.

We will actively market your home on the MLS,® as well as the top Syndicated Realtor Sites. We offer Several Plans. We also offer the Showcase Listings. All plans include e-mail support unless you upgrade for the business and or business/after hour phone support. You may cancel at any time.  All leads are sent to you.  Our "Whole Enchilada includes the assistance option with business hour phone support

FLAT FEE MLS LISTINGS are available for 1 month, 6 months or until Sold Listing for Virginia, Maryland and DC clients. Pick the package with the level of service you desire. We strongly recommend the Assistance Option Business Hour Phone Support if you are new to this process and think you will need assistance throughout the process.

SHOWCASE LISTINGS  - What is the Showcase Listing?
Some of the MLS packages come with 1, pic or 8 pics and some include the max number of pics on the MLS.
Showcase listing is only included with a few of the packages. It’s certainly understandable why the majority of the pictures SELLERS send us are of their favorite rooms. However, people will wonder what’s wrong with the rest of the house if there are no or too few photos of the interior/exterior. Think about it from your own perspective. I personally recently bought a home and I spent my weeknights and weekends on and if there weren’t good photos of the inside of the homes then they went to the bottom of the list. Time was too precious to waste and without having photos to give me a good idea as to whether the home would meet my needs, I had to narrow my selection process to the ones that provided me with the best overall picture of what the home had to offer.

If your package did not include the
Showcase listing - consider this one upgrade. Get the MAX # of pictures on your MLS Listing. The Showcase upgrade also ensures your home has priority billing when someone does a search on most websites. The homes with multiple photos always come up first! I am a true believer in walking away with the maximum amount of money in your pocket from the sale of your home and not wanting to spend more than is necessary to accomplish that goal. Having personal success with fsbo reinforced that belief for me. However, I also understand wanting the maximum amount of exposure when trying to sell your home especially if time is critical. This is all the more reason you should take that exposure to the next level and help alleviate the guesswork for your potential buyers. When a home has so much to offer as yours does, let the pictures speak volumes. The narrative is a nice summary, but a picture truly does speak a thousand words. Just something to think about. We’re here to help you be successful in selling your home as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Experience has helped formulate the nuggets of advice we offer in order to help our customers not only be successful in selling their home, but also to help make it a less stressful event.

Your home will be on view in full color to millions of prospective homebuyers via our regional & national websites;; and linked with THOUSANDS of other home-buying sites including GOOGLE, OODLE, YAHOO, ZILLOW, WASHINGTONPOST.COM
Take advantage of our very popular Slide Show Tours.  It is proven that more photos help sell a home faster. We recommend interior and exterior photos.  Your home is advertised on the most highly trafficed "For Sale By Owner" web sites! Gain the worldwide exposure the internet has to offer and reach potential home buyers from anywhere in the world!

"WHOLE ENCHILADA" FSBO ADVERTISING AND FLAT FEE MLS PACKAGE - Our Most Popular/Cost Effective All Inclusive Plan Incs:
Flat Fee MLS Listing in the MLS with Max # of Pics allowed by your MLS
*Listing on®,
*Showcase Listing
*Extensive For Sale By Owner Advertising on the #1 Rated, Highly Ranked Virginia FSBO website
*Numerous High Traffic Internet Sites Google, Oodle, Yahoo, Zillow, Trulia, and 1000's of others
*Stunning Slideshow Tours or your home

*Unlimited Changes, 
*Comps (CMA) to help you determine your price,
*Print your Own Flyers,
*Featured Home Listing on FSBO websites,
*Upgraded Post Sign with Brochure Box,
*Rider Inserts
*Lockbox is included (Deposit is required on lockbox and sign). T
*The Assistance Option with Business Hour Phone Support is also included in this package which includes Business Hour Phone Support, Assistance with the Countering/Negotiation Process, Assistance with Paperwork-to-Closing Support. 


ASSISTANCE OPTION - BUSINESS HOUR PHONE SUPPORT PLUS PAPERWORK TO CLOSING SERVICES for only $475. Compare our rate to other companies that charge $2500 for the same service. This program is perfect for sellers and buyers that don't want to deal with the hassle of paperwork and want assistance throughout the process. The program will assist you in ALL Areas of the Real Estate Process - from placing your ad to the Paperwork all the way to closing. We will help you through the difficulty of understanding complexities of offers presented to you. We will assist you with the details of your real estate transaction and advise whether to accept, reject, or counter offer sales contracts presented to you by selling agents. We will assist in the paperwork when the buyer is without an agent.  We will assist with the countering/negotiation process if the buyer is with an agent. We will also guide you through the home inspection process, buyer's qualifications/financing and the settlement details in addition to meeting the requirements of the Purchase Agreement. FSBO has arranged discounted pricing through our referral network of recommended settlement companies. The Settlement company will hold the earnest money in escrow. We will assist the buyer with financing (if needed). We will facilitate communication between buyer and seller to help prevent disputes from arising. We will assist in meeting the requirements of the closing agent in connection with the closing on behalf of the Seller and Buyer as well as seeing that the details are handled so you don't have to in order to bring your sale to closing for a flat fee.
The choice is yours - Pay a Realtor 3% or or sign up for the FSBO Assistance Option Program for only $475 to perform the same service. That means that if you are selling or purchasing a $550,000 home, a real estate agent will charge $16,500 for the same service! Why pay too much? Just give us a call or
more info 

ASSISTANCE OPTION - BUSINESS AND AFTER HOUR PHONE SUPPORT PLUS PAPERWORK TO CLOSING SERVICES. Same as the Assistance Option Business Hour Phone Support Plus Paperwork to Closing Service however as part of FSBO's commitment to our customers, we are offering this extended unlimited support plan to our customers as an option when our retail offices are closed. You will be given direct access to the private cell phone number of your personal consultant to reach during non-business hours (certain time restrictions apply).

BUYING A HOME from a Seller or Builder - WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY. Did you find a home you want to buy that is in the MLS or with a Builder. Call us and we will draw up the contract, present it to the listing agent or builder. At closing, we will give you up to half of our 3% commission - certain restrictions apply. We also have In-House Agents that will show you homes that are listed in the MLS (MRIS, REIN, CVR, WAAR). The more time we spend with you - the less we give back to you at closing. Think of what you could do with an exta $10,000 - $80,000.  MORE INFO

We'll provide you with Durable, Professional "Eye Catching" post, frame or basic signs for the front yard, as well as directional signs, open house signs and brochure boxes/tubes - complete with custom color brochures - if you like. CLICK HERE for more information on all of the products available to improve your home selling appearance. A professional appearance will make you more successful and will put buyers at ease!

Because you save so much on Realtor commissions, you can price your home to sell faster and still come away with more profit. We offer two home pricing services - either a Professional Certified Appraisal or a Comparative Market Analysis.
Remember - your neighbor may have sold for $305,00 but after paying the 6% commission - they walked away with $286,700.
The max you will pay is a 3% commission - so you can price your home for $299,900 and be far more competitive than your competition and still walk away after paying a 3% commission with $290,903.

For more info CLICK HERE.

Professional, fast foto flyer/brochure designed with a color photo(s) of your home and details of your homes special features. They make a great handout or mailing to potential buyers and act as your 24-hour salesperson! (perfect for the brochure tube/box for drive bys). The templete is set up so whenever you need flyers - simply click on it and print them out - you may print unlimited flyers as you need them. 

According to a somewhat urban legend, St. Joseph Can Help You Sell Your Home! It is said that if a person takes a small statue of St. Joseph and buries it upside-down, facing the street and near the for sale sign, that a much faster sales transaction will occur. Who says this? Well, thousands of homeowners and real estate agents have utilized their statues as a marketing aide. The phenomena have been publicized in the Washington Post, New York Times and The Lincoln Journal-Star, to name a few. The St. Joseph Kit comes complete with a 3 1/2" plastic figurine, a special prayer to read while burying the statue and a set of instructions! ORDER NOW 

"HOW TO SELL YOUR OWN HOME" BOOK - Educational Guide
This book is a 160 page guide to selling property by owner covering everything from preparing your home, to closing the deal. This step-by-step guide to selling your home without a broker is packed with tips, hints & strategies to make a speedy sale. This comprehensive guide to selling a home will tell you all about pricing your home, properly advertising and successfully selling your home, negotiating with the buyer, comps vs appraisals vs realtor appraisals, working with agents and how to deal with the agents that harass you - all without sharing the profits with an agent. ORDER NOW 

CLOSING SERVICE - A Better Way to Settle is Heading Your Way
Whether you're buying, selling or refinancing, we know what you're going through on closing day - the last-minute packing and loading, the cleaning up and clearing out. No matter how organized you are, things can become chaotic. Who needs the additional stress of sitting in traffic to make a trip across town to a title company? Signing the settlement papers should be the simplest and most relaxed part of the move. And now it can be - when SettlementsonSite brings it to you. During the walk-through, sellers, buyers and agents are often in the same place at the same time. It just makes sense to bring in a closing rep, while you're on site, to wrap everything up. You can close on your property then and there and still pay less than you would in a title office. (Only available in certain areas of Virginia) 

We offer educational home selling seminars/webinars. 95% of our seminar/webinar attendees sell their own homes. 

Recent study reveals the average savings in fees and commissions for Sellers using For Sale By Owner exceeds traditional real estate agencies by between $7,500 - $16,000 dollars! This comparison was based on an average home selling price of $250,000 and took into consideration every scenario involving the For Sale By Owner home real estate selling process. A process that includes our fully Licensed GoToFSBO Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Attorneys, the Title Company, Appraisers and Inspection services. View study details here. Higher priced homes resulted in even larger seller savings. Feel free to contact Debbie Kent for additional information.