Steps to Withdraw Your Listing: 

Per the MLS Listing Agreement you signed, all signs and/or lockbox MUST be returned by appointment PRIOR to pulling your listing.
FSBO Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 9 - 5 pm
Please remember we are closed on weekends / holidays - so please plan accordingly.

NO LISTING will be pulled until you have:

  1. Set up the Return of all Rented Items by Filling out the Sign/Lockbox Return Form 
  2. Paid the Change Fee if you do not have unlimited changes. As per the listing agreement you signed, No Listing will be pulled without payment.
  3. If you mailed the items back - Send us a copy of the USPS receipt with TRACKING for your return so we can pull your listing without waiting for it to arrive at our office.
  4. After all the above is completed, then fill out the below withdrawal form.

POST SIGNS: that have been installed are NEVER to be removed from the ground by you - only by the sign company.
There is a 3-5 day turn around on picking up the post sign just like when ordered.
Email us after Post Sign has been picked up.
Failure to follow the instructions will cause you to pay for the replacement of the sign in full and forfeit ALL Deposits.

Be sure to pick the correct Form and for how many need to sign the form


IF YOU NOT HAVE UNLIMITED CHANGES - you MUST Pay the Change Fee First - Listings will NOT be pulled until you pay the change fee per the listing agreeement.