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Selling Your Own Home - The Sign Up Process:


How To Set Up Your Account On Our Website:


How to Complete Step 2 and 3 In your Account

How to Fill Out Step 4 - The MLS Listing Agreement

How to Fill Out Step 5 - The MLS Data Input Sheets


How to Fill Out Step 6 - Arrange for Delivery / Mail of Signs And/Or Lockbox

How To Log Into Your Account On Our Website:


How To Make Changes:
How to make Changes in the “Property Details” section and/or on the MLS Change Form for My MLS Listing 



 How to Make A Commission Change or Add A Bonus?


Edit a Property in your Account when you have Multiple Properties Listed with Us

How to Add an Additional Listing to Your Current Account On

Photos - Add, Change, Rotate and Arrange:
How To Add, Upload, Change, Rotate and Arrange Photos for MLS Listing and Flyer


How to Resize My Photos If They Are Too Large to Upload Into My Account

Open Houses:
How to Set Up Open Houses in my Account


How to Cancel an Open House

Access and Edit Your Flyer/Brochure



Signs And/Or Lockbox:
Set Up Return of Signs & Lockbox Prior to Closing, Cancellation or Expiration



Adding/Ordering Additional Services:
How to Order Additional Items in your account

How to Clear Your Cart if You Are Trying To Order An Item and The Total Is More Than It Should Be:


Under Contract:
Put your home UNDER CONTRACT in your account on
Remember you must also send us a COPY of the CONTRACT within 12 hours of signing it.

What to do When You Get an Offer on your Home?  What are you Obligations so you don't get Fined by the MLS?


Seller Closing Costs & Contract To Closing Steps and Closing Day:
Seller Closing Costs and Assistance Option (Contract to Closing Service) and Important Tabs on our Website

What is an ALTA/Closing Disclosure/HUD-1 Statement?

Invoice - Where To Find A Copy Of Your Invoice:
How to Locate Your Invoice in Your Account To See What You Have Paid For with our Company?


Flat Fee MLS Listing Explained:
Selling Your Own Home - Flat Fee MLS Listing Explained

Selling Your Own Home with

YouTube Home Selling FSBO Video Tutorials on the Flat Fee Listing Process for your MLS Listing.
We explain: how to set up your Flat Fee MLS Listing, Make Changes, Upload Photos, Edit Your Flyer, set up and cancel open house listings, place your home as pending and sold, etc on our website for your Flat Fee MLS Listing and your For Sale By Owner Listing.