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Here are a few more items to look at as you put your FSBO MLS listing plan together. Remember, we’re here to help.

Professional Brochures/Flyers

Professional, fast foto flyer/brochure designed with a color photo(s) of your home and details of your home's special features. They make a great handout or mailing to potential buyers and act as your 24-hour salesperson! (perfect for the brochure tube/box for drive-bys). The template is set up so whenever you need flyers - simply click on it and print them out - you may print unlimited flyers as you need them.

Yard Signs, Directional Signs, and Sign Rental Rates

We'll provide you with a durable, professional eye-catching post, frame or basic signs for the front yard, as well as directional signs, open house signs and brochure boxes/tubes - complete with custom color brochures - if you like. Take a look at the yard and other signs available to improve your home selling appearance. A professional appearance will make you more successful and will put buyers at ease!
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Closing Service - A Better Way to Settle

Whether you're buying, selling or refinancing, we know what you're going through on closing day - the last-minute packing and loading, the cleaning up and clearing out. No matter how organized you are, things can become chaotic. Who needs the additional stress of sitting in traffic to make a trip across town to a title company? Signing the settlement papers should be the simplest and most relaxed part of the move. And now it can be - when SettlementsonSite brings it to you. During the walk-through, sellers, buyers, and agents are often in the same place at the same time. It just makes sense to bring in a closing rep, while you're on-site, to wrap everything up. You can close on your property then and there and still pay less than you would in a title office. (Only available in certain areas of Virginia)

St. Joseph Statues

According to urban legend, St. Joseph can help sell your home! It is said that if a person takes a small statue of St. Joseph and buries it upside-down, facing the street and near the for sale sign, that a much faster sales transaction will occur. Who says this? Well, thousands of homeowners and real estate agents have used their status as a marketing aide. The phenomenon has been publicized in the Washington Post, New York Times and The Lincoln Journal-Star, to name a few. The St. Joseph Kit comes complete with a 3 1/2" plastic figurine, a special prayer to read while burying the statue and a set of instructions!
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"How to Sell your own Home" Book - Educational Guide

This book is a 160-page guide to selling the property by owner covering everything from preparing your home, to closing the deal. This step-by-step guide to selling your home without a broker is packed with tips, hints & strategies to make a speedy sale. This comprehensive guide to selling a home will tell you all about properly pricing, advertising and successfully selling your home. It includes information on negotiating with the buyer, understanding comps (CMAs) vs appraisals vs realtor appraisals, and gives advice on working with real estate agents, including how to deal with the agents that harass you - all without sharing the profits with an agent.
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Educational Home Selling Seminars/Webinars

We offer educational home selling seminars/webinars. 95% of our seminar/webinar attendees sell their own homes.

A recent study reveals the average savings in fees and commissions for Sellers using For Sale By Owner exceeds traditional real estate agencies by between $7,500 - $16,000 dollars! This comparison was based on an average home selling price of $250,000 and took into consideration every scenario involving the For Sale By Owner home real estate selling process. A process that includes our fully Licensed GoToFSBO Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Attorneys, the Title Company, Appraisers and Inspection Services. View study details here. Higher priced homes resulted in even larger seller savings. Feel free to contact Debbie Kent for additional information.

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