Upload and Arrange Photos - Please read before uploading

(Need more help see video below)   

1.  DO NOT load more pictures than you paid for with your package. (8 Pics come with Basic Pkg except for Charlottesville CAAR and Eastern Shore MLS which is 6 pictures)  
2.  DO NOT post pictures with a FSBO sign or our Yard Sign in it (MLS does not allow any signs in pictures)

3.  MLS PROHIBITS Uploading any Photos that you did not take or pay to have taken.  Photos cannot be from a previous listing or have watermarks.
4.  Photos cannot be larger than 2 MB each  or you will crash your account.  How to RESIZE Photos.

5. You must e-mail us when you upload new pictures to let us know to process the pictures on the MLS.
6.  If you want MAX # Pics:  Order “Showcase Listing – Max # of Pictures” now – “Add to Cart” for small fee
7.  If you paid for "Max MLS Pics" Click to see how many pictures your MLS Allows.
ALL Listings MUST have a photo of the front of the home.

Click  + Browser for Images to select photos from your computer (no larger than 2 MB each).
Once Photos have finished uploading (which should take just a few seconds if photos are not larger than 2 MB each and you have a good internet connection).
Drag and Drop Photos in the order you want.
Files must be in .JPG format NOT .JPEG or any other format.
Click  Save Photos button when done.  

How To Load and Rotate My Pictures (see below video)

Loading Photos Video Tutorial for GoToFSBO.com Clients