How to Submit Photos for My Flat Fee Listing for My MLS Listing

PLEASE READ: All Pictures MUST be less than 2 MB or you will crash your account.  Pictures cannot have a FSBO Sign or our Sign in it.  (NO company signs in pictures)  

Photos are one of the most important pieces in listing your property.  A picture says a thousand words.  Take nice, bright pictures of all rooms - otherwise the buyer wonders what you are hiding.
The more pictures - the better = more buyers calling you.  Turn on all lights when taking pictures so they are bright.

  1. All photos need to be in .jpg format.
  2. Once you have uploaded all photos in your account, then drag and drop them in the order you want them and then hit the "SAVE" button.  
  3. Remember to hit "SAVE" after dragging and dropping photos.  We do not go to outside sites like Shutterfly or any other site to obtain your photos.
  4. Size of photo.  Each photo need to be resized to under 2 MB or they won't load and may crash the site.  How to resize your photos!
  5. IMPORTANT - DO NOT UPLOAD more pictures than you are allowed with the package you signed up and paid for - you will be asked to delete them OR upgrade to the enchanced showcase listing allowing the max mls pics 
  6. If you want to sign up for the Enhanced Showcase simply click Order “Showcase Listing – Max # of Pictures” now – “Add to Cart
IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO RESIZE - Click Here: How to resize your photos 
Or you can try a free photo editing software. With this software, you can email, print, resize, etc. 

Brochure - To select the photos for your beautiful professional brochure - you can simply drag and drop the photos to select Main, Left 1, Left 2, Left 3 and Left 4.  See Example.

Photo Editing Tips:
1.  Load Software on your computer, it should find all of the photos on your computer.
In Software - You can rotate pictures, resize pictures and adjust the brightness of the pictures.   This is important! If your photos are too dark people can’t see the room properly.
3.  Remember to save the resized pictures with different name so you have your original larger photos in case you want to use them later for another purpose.