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The MLS has some rules/requirements that you must follow when you create your tour:

Needs to be Unbranded
Tour cannot feed into another tour
Must be hosted on a secure website https:// and not https://
No pictures/video of Real Estate or any other Company signs or yard signs
Supported Tour Requirements:  The destination displays a web page like YouTube, Vimeo or Matterport - not a raw file.

Our Requirements: 
You must have or order “Showcase Listing – Max # of Pictures" & “Unlimited Changes” to have us promote your tour/showing.
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What is the difference between Branded and Unbranded Tours?

Unbranded Tours are what we recommend for our Flat Fee MLS Listing clients. 
Virtual Tours should be Unbranded per MLS rules if you want the general public to see the tour and not just the Realtors.
Unbranded Tours cannot have the Real Estate Company name, Agent Name or Contact Information. 
There cannont by any Company Signage in the Tour.
Basically, Tours should only be the home with no personal information in the photos or video and no branding info of any kind.
Owner contact cannot be in an Unbranded Tour.

Branded Tours can only be seen by the Realtors and posted only in the agent remarks.
Branded Virtual Tours are tours that have been branded with the Listing Agent's Name, and the Listing Office and Agent Contact Information, Signage, etc and/or Video Company information..

What is the difference between Virtual Home Tour, Virtual Home Showing and Virtual Open Houses?

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