Virtual Home Showings, Virtual Tours, Virtual Open Houses for Flat Fee MLS Listing Home Sellers!

With the Corona Virus and Social Distancing - many home sellers and buyers may not feel comfortable, or may restrict or limit the number of people who physically enter their home. The solution, which incorporates safety and social distancing, is to include a Virtual Tour to your account with us and in the MLS.

No Problem:  Promote Your Virtual Tour, Showing or Open House Through Our Social Media Campaign!!


Virtual Showings and Virtual Tours and Virtual Open Houses are the Key to Selling your Home for Sale and are becoming the new norm!!
To get the most leverage out of your virtual tour, we use social media to promote it.

Some MLS's are also allowing the tour to be loaded to Showing Time.
Give your prospective buyers a realistic sense of what it's like to tour a property, even when they're not physically present.
Our Flat Fee MLS service can guide you through this process.

What are the differences between a Virtual Tour and Virtual Showing?

Virtual Tour - This is where the listing agent uploads a prerecorded tour of the home seller's property. 
There is no interaction with any person viewing the tour live or electronically. 
Virtual tours include, but are not limited to photos, video walk-throughs, 360 / VR views, and interactive floor plans. 
For Sale By Owner helps promote your tours via our blog. 
A blog post is created in advance of an upcoming tour to be shared with social media followers and invited to attend.  
Your tour video can also be embedded on our blog so viewers can see the tour at any time.
Virtual Showings – This is in live-time - A virtual showing allows for real-time interaction between the real estate buyer agent and the buyer and the home seller "Group Virtual Showing".
Buyer agents will get their buyers on the phone and tour your home using FaceTime, Skype, Google Duo, Zoom or Hangout etc with you the seller being their tour guide.
Home sellers can simply walk a home buyers / buyer agent through their home using Google Duo on an Android Phone or Facetime on an I-Phone. As you move through the home, you can speak highlight the features of each room. It is that easy.
If you do not have these apps, just download them onto your phone. 

During the event, viewers/home buyers/buyer agents can also ask questions and get immediate answers real-time from the home seller.Laptop-for-viewing-virtual-tours-or-submitting-an-offer-for-the-home-for-sale
For Virtual Showings, we can also set up events on our Facebook with the date & time and home seller can do the same on their site..  

Virtual Open Houses – This is in live-time as welll however we will schedule it for a particular date and time via the MLS and Facebook and ShowingTime. A virtual open house allows for real-time interaction between buyers and the seller.  Here are a few Tips for Holding Virtual Open Houses.

Any buyer can make an offer, subject to inspection, and then attend the inspection as inspectors in most areas of the country are still regarded as essential, just like appraisers.

With our For Sale By Owner and Flat Fee MLS Listing Programs - we find solutions to situations and keep up with modern technology.
We are your Flat Fee MLS specialists.
With our program, there is much less contact with people, a huge commission savings and you control your listing!

Read the MLS Rules/Requirements for promoting your Tour/Showing/Open House:
Virtual Tour Requirements and Branded versus Unbranded Virtual Tours.

Our Requirements to promote your tour: 
You Must have or order “Showcase Listing – Max # of Pictures" and “Unlimited Changes” to have us promote your tour/showing.
READY TO GET STARTED - Order Your Virtual Tour Promotion Here.

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Questions and Answers

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Total finished square feet is all levels that are finished added together and shows in the MLS listing. Many homeowner tax records are not accurate regarding the square footage and buyer's agents are aware of this issue. Most homeowner's basements do not qualify.

Your local county assessor's office determines if basement square footage, finished or unfinished, can be counted. As a general rule of thumb, a finished or unfinished basement typically doesn't count toward the square footage, especially if the basement is completely below grade. For a basement to count, it would need to have 3 walls above ground and full-size windows.

The more convenient you make it for the buyer to see your home, the faster you will sell it. If an agent and buyer are in the neighborhood and they want to see your home is for sale, and you do not have a lockbox, the agent will more than likely move onto the next home for sale.